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Services Available


Sound baths are a relaxation experience with Tam Tam gongs and occupying instruments. 

Lie back (fully clothed) and enjoy being bathed by the cosmic vibrations in a scared space.

No experience or effort is needed and the positive effects of the gongs are limitless and include feelings of being relaxed, a calm mind, being in a meditative state, charka balancing and a spiritual experience.  

Cost is £10 for 1 hour  


1:1 treatments are with Tam Tam gongs or with shamanic frame drum and Reiki energy.  

1:1 treatments can help for Dis-ease and may help with physical elements, emotional issues, Chi blockage, soul retrieval and past life work. Shadow work is offered and requires an element of talking as part of the treatment. 

The sound vibrations may impact the brainwaves causing a meditative sate of mind which results in a relaxing state for most people. 

I can come to your home for 1:1's or you can come to my treatment room.

Cost for one hour is £30 in my treatment room and £40 at your home.      



Usui Reiki is Japanese's traditional Reiki which can be hands on or hands off and can utilise the use of crystals and essential oils. 

Types of treatment are 1 hour or half an hour in person treatments. Also available is distant Reiki and Reiki treatments for dogs, cats and horses.

Costs: in my treatment room are £30 for 1 hour and £15 for half an hour.

In your home £40 for 1 hour and £20 for half an hour.

Distant Reiki £15 for 20 minutes

Reiki for pets is always at your home or stables and £40 for 1 hour and £20 for half an hour.

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