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Upcoming Events

​To ask any questions or to book an event and treatment use the contact page, email: or message/call: 07368807292

  • Sound Bath's every second Sunday of each month at 3-4pm location is Hilton hall

  • Upcoming dates at Hilton are:

    • 12 May 2023 at 3pm

    • 09 Jun 2023 at 3pm

    •  14 Jul 24

    • 10 Aug 24

    • 15 Sep 24 - 03 Sunday 

    • 13 Oct 24

    • 10 Nov 24

    • 08 Dec 24

  • One to One Treatment appointments are available Monday's, Thursday's, Friday's and weekends for:

    • Sound therapy with the gongs

    • Shamanic drum and rattle

    • Reiki drumming 

    • Reiki 

The gong is the ideal instrument for holistic healing, there is evidence of how the first gongs were made, the time is less certain however it is thought to be approximately 3,500 BC. There is evidence  of gongs being used for healing as well as an instrument from the time of the first gongs in Egypt, the middle east, and the East (India, Nepal, Bhutan etc) and far East (Thailand, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc). The gong has been used in the West since the 1970s. 

The gong is named after the sound it makes which is OM or AUM, OM is the original sound of the universe – the sound of the Infinite. The sound of the gong is total resonance, it is the total range of the sound spectrum inside and outside human hearing range. The gong is a unique instrument that is idiophone as it makes it’s sound by vibrating itself without the need for a chamber or strings. 

The physics behind sound is; sound travels as longitudinal waves through air, water, metal and everything. What we hear is the sound waves vibrating molecules, the different tones and pitches is the number of times per second a sound wave (one complete oscillation) repeats itself. The unit for frequency is hertz (Hz). Higher frequencies have higher Hz, thus lower frequency has lower Hz.


There are two types of resonance, free resonance which occurs when an object is subjected to a frequency the same as its own and forced resonance which occurs when an object is subjected to a different frequency then its own. The whole body is vibrating, and different parts of the body have different frequency therefore the sound of the gong at the right resonant frequency can have notable effect and cause the bodies vibrations to harmonize (forced resonance), thus healing can occur. However, when we hear the ear drum vibrates at the same frequency as the sound wave (free resonance), these vibrations are transmitted to the brain which in turn encourages the rest of the body into vibration homeostasis.


Brain waves frequencies are at 4 ranges: Beta (14-20 hz) – normal waking consciousness, Alpha (8-13 Hz) – daydreaming, light meditation, relaxation, Theta (4-7 Hz) – Deep meditation, sleep, shamanic journeying and Delta (0.5-3 Hz) – deep sleep or very deep states of meditation. Certain sound waves from the gong, singing bowls, the voice etc. lowers the frequency of brain waves which will reduces stress and depression as the sound vibrations helps the body to return to homeostasis.

The effect of the gong and other sound therapies are on the four layers of human beings – Physical, Psychological, emotional, and spiritual. These four layers are interdependent of each other and sound therapy considers all four layers. There is evidence that certain sound waves have a transformative effect with an altering effect on molecules. It has been demonstrated that sound waves have an impact on water and since humans are 55% - 78% water thus is can be concluded that sound waves would impact the water within the body. Orthodox medicine does have investigations and cutting-edge research on using sound as therapies for kidney and gallstones and treatment of cancers. As there is evidence that cancer cells are destroyed by sound waves, while healthy cells are energized. The healing effects of certain sound waves is through free and forced resonance. Free resonance effects the mind via the ear drum and the mind can bring the whole being into homeostasis. Forced resonance is when the vibrations force the vibrations of the body to harmonize and homeostasis can occur. Both resonances may happen at the same time and once homeostasis is achieved healing may occur.

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