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Santos Therapies

I started Santos Therapies due to my inner wish to help people and to share the amazing experience of the gongs and Shamnic practices. As well as being a holistic practitioner I am a trainee Phylodynamic counsellor with a BACP accredited origination.  I offer a range of different sound therapy treatments and events with the gongs, shamanic drum and rattle. I offer hands on and hands off Reiki, please read the services page for more details.  


My father come to the UK from Guyana with most of his family, I have grown up with a strong connection with my fathers culture. I have always had a Shamanic practice with my family being Amerindian and I am so grateful and honoured to have been taught by me wise Nan. As a sound therapist I practice with my shamanic drums, flutes and rattles   

I first experienced the gongs myself nine years ago and I was blown away by the cosmic energy and the whole experience. I was astonished with the positive effect on my physical body, my mental state of mind and my emotional state. After a few years of thoroughly enjoying attending gong baths I decided I wanted to take my practice deeper by learning to practice (play) the gongs myself which is the start of my journey in becoming a holistic practitioner.  


Qualifications and Experiences 

I started my working life as a scientist and I have worked for many years in the pharmaceutical industry before finally deciding to take a large leap of faith and to change career and my life, becoming a sound therapist.    


2021 - 2024

Psychodynamic Trainee Counsellor  - With The Counselling Foundation 


BSc (Hons) Applied Biology with Environmental Science 

2019 - 2021

Master Gong practitioner


Reiki Drumming practitioner 

2021 - 2022

Usui Reiki II practitioner

Birth - Present 


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