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Sound Therapy and Reiki in the UK 

Santos Therapies offer a variety of sound therapies with Tam Tam gongs, Shamanic drums and rattles and reiki treatments in the UK.


Therapies are available for relaxation, grounding, rebalance, and emotional treatments. A guided deeper practice is available including shadow work.


 I am a CMA accredited Master gong practitioner, Reiki II and Reiki Drum practitioner and BACP (membership No: 00997602) Psychodynamic counsellor. 

To book please see the contact page, or or 07368 807292 


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Santos Therapies

Santos Therapies is a young UK company offering a range of holistic therapies and treatments. Treatments with sound, including Tam Tam gongs, and shamanic drums and rattles. Reiki treatments are Usui Reiki, which is the traditional Japanese techniques.

I am a CMA practitioner member, you can find me at


Sound baths are group events where participates are bathed (fully clothed) in the cosmic sound vibrations of the gongs. The experiences of the gongs may differ however the effects may include relaxation, re-centring and grounding, pain relief and release of emotional trauma and blockages   

To book please use the contact me form below.


Holistic treatments with the gongs or a frame shamanic drum. Treatments can be booked for emotional and for physical complaints, charka re-balancing and unblocking energy, shadow work and soul retrieval, or just relaxation.

To book please use the contact me form below. 


Reiki treatments for a range of physical or emotional complaints, charka re-balancing and unblocking energy, aura work or just relaxation. 

Reiki treatment can be with the shamanic drum, traditional Reiki or Reiki working with the aura only.

To book please use the contact me form below.

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